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To: Cllr David Brown (Deputy Leader & Highways), CEC

Wilmslow Safer Roads

Wilmslow Safer Roads

1. Introduce a 20mph default speed limit in residential areas in Wilmslow
2. Introduce additional or improved pedestrian crossings (see below)
3. Introduce traffic calming and introduce/enforce weight restrictions on Hawthorn Street
4. Greater enforcement of speed limits on main road entrances to Wilmslow, in particular Altrincham Rd and Knutsford Rd.

Why is this important?

Kate is a Chartered Surveyor and young mother of two from Wilmslow. One day she was pushing her daughter (in a pram) along a one-way residential street when suddenly she was shunted by a van which had veered on to the pavement, ‘clipping’ both her and the pram. Luckily she and her baby weren't hurt but she was very shaken. She asked others if this had happened to them and received a number of responses advising of "near misses” and “problem areas” where accidents could happen if improvements weren't made. Overall there was a strong consensus that road safety needed to be addressed and improved in Wilmslow.
Incidents such as these are not necessarily picked up in accident reports and therefore the risks to the most vulnerable road users are routinely underestimated.
Cheshire East Council have been presented in the past with a petition of 150+ signatures and countless letters, yet there is still no visible action on this issue.
This is why we're asking to introduce a 20mph limit where people live, as has been done successfully in many villages, towns and neighbouring areas.
We are also petitioning for improved pedestrian crossings at the following locations:
a) Hawthorn Street at the junction with Altrincham Rd
b) Hawthorn Street close to Pepperberry Day Nursery (where the pavement stops)
c) Chapel Lane Shops (junctions with South Oak Lane/Buckingham road and Bourne St/Nursery Lane)
d) Knutsford Rd close to the junction of Church Rd/Upcast Lane.
Please sign this petition to bring the speed limit down NOW and to improve some of the more dangerous roads and pedestrian crossings. For maximum impact, please share this request with family, friends and other Wilmslow residents.

Why a 20mph limit?
• Safer – “A pedestrian hit at 20mph has nearly 100% chance of survival. At 30mph nearly a quarter of pedestrians hit by a car would be killed.” Source: Sustrans
• Better – improved quality of life for all, particularly for children, the disabled and the elderly. Less congestion for motorists: with switching to walking and cycling there would be fewer cars on the road, and by driving more slowly vehicles can pack in more closely together thereby improving traffic flow.
• Popular – 80% of the public and 75% of drivers support 20 mph as a speed limit on residential streets. Source:, survey conducted by PACTS.
• Affordable – 20mph limits can be enforced without humps: for the cost of turning one street in Wilmslow into a 20mph zone with traffic calming, the whole of Wilmslow could benefit from a default 20mph speed limit.

Wilmslow SK9, UK

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