To: Central government, local government, the Southern Extension developers and any other body with influence to express their great concern over the delay in providing Towcester with an A5 Relief Road

A Bypass for Towcester by 2020

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Towcester Bypass Action Group
A Bypass for Towcester by 2020

Secure funding and all other requirements to ensure early development and completion of a bypass toTowcester, in advance of the Developer, Persimmon Bloor’s timetable for 'Towcester South' as set out in the Section 106 agreement

Why is this important?

A well-designed bypass, or relief road, would

• Result in significant air-quality improvement for Towcester residents, workers and businesses

• Complement simultaneous restrictions on traffic through Watling Street

• Improve quality of life and health for Towcester residents, workers and businesses in diminishing sound, light and other pollution

• Increase the safety of Towcester residents, workers and businesses

• Aid revitalisation of the town at the same time as the town centre is redesigned to promote pedestrian visitor experience

• Be properly designed to encourage and allow safe transit of all through traffic away from the town and Watling Street

• Protect future residents of Towcester South from harmful effects of particulate and N02, noise, light, and other pollution

• Benefit the Developer, enabling material and worker transit

How it will be delivered

Deliver in person to Andrea Leadsom, MP

Towcester, Northamptonshire

Reasons for signing

  • Watling street is a dangerous place for pedestrians due to heavy traffic.
  • It's just a nightmare trying to get back and forth from the A43 island to Towcester
  • I am sick to death of the nose to tail traffic jams every time I have to go through Towcester.


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