To: Cheshire West and Chester Council

A call for CCTV at Northgate Ponds, Chester.

A call for CCTV at Northgate Ponds, Chester.

Install CCTV at Northgate Ponds, Chester

Why is this important?

Northgate Ponds is a popular location within Chester for members of the public, dog walkers, children and local residence. A rise in antisocial behaviour has resulted in litter, vandalism and injury.

A call for CCTV to combat:
•Drug dealing
•Drug consumption
•Public disturbances
•Litter (inc items thrown into the Ponds, drug paraphernalia e.g. Needle packets, tin foil etc).
•Vandalism (graffiti etc).

Please sign the partition to help make Northgate Ponds a safer and cleaner environment for everyone. Thank you.

Northgate Ponds, Northgate Avenue, Chester

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Reasons for signing

  • I 100% agree
  • Community safety.