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To: Parliamentary candidates for Brighton and Hove

A call for fair private rents, new social housing and secure tenancies

A call for fair private rents, new social housing and secure tenancies

The Living Rent Campaign say decent housing for all!

Why is this important?

Everyone needs a decent secure affordable home in which to flourish. We therefore call on Brighton and Hove Parliamentary candidates to campaign for the following changes, and to vote for them if elected:
• Bring back fair rents - a “Living rent” (achieved by rent controls)
• Protect private tenants with long secure tenancies
• Institute registration of all private landlords to ensure minimum standards of fire safety, energy efficiency and a decent home standard for private housing
• Abolish the Right to buy and lift borrowing ceilings and restrictions so councils can again build social rented housing
• Link rents policy to affordability not the market
• End discrimination against tenants on benefits

How it will be delivered

The petition will be delivered to all Parliamentary and Local Election candidates just prior to the election

Brighton and Hove

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