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To: Harrow Council

After Carillion collapse, bring our libraries back in house

30/01/18 We won!

Harrow Council announced that it will take over the six libraries in the borough for the foreseeable future in order to ensure the continuation of their services.

After Carillion collapse, bring our libraries back in house

Carrillion, the company to which Harrow libraries are outsourced has gone bust. This is a perfect example of why our valuable public services shouldn't be outsourced to the private sector. We want Harrow libraries taken back in house to be funded and run by the local authority.

Why is this important?

Our libraries are a valuable public resource which enrich the lives of the Harrow population. They are too important to risk in the hands of private profiteers. Croydon, another London borough which gave its libraries contract to Carillion, has already taken this step to protect libraries and to protect the jobs of our library staff.

London Borough of Harrow

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Reasons for signing

  • Libraries are important
  • The libraries need saving for the community
  • I use Roxeth Library a lot. It’s s great library.


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