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To: Home Secretary Amber Rudd

Allow activist Lauri Love to have his case heard in the UK

Allow activist Lauri Love to have his case heard in the UK

Allow Lauri Love to have his case heard in the UK.

Why is this important?

No American has ever been extradited for a crime allegedly committed physically on US soil - so if the alleged crimes Lauri has committed took place in the UK, should his trial not also? The judicial frameworks for due process in the United Kingdom exist to process these cases. The UK-US extradition treaty, used to uphold a so called "special relationship", has been historically one-sided.

There is absolutely no guarantee Lauri will receive the standard of healthcare he requires in the United States. In the spirit of what has been an cruel and underhanded case, the prosecution responded to concerns regarding Lauri's well documented health problems both mental and physical by continually seeking to undermine the opinions of medical professionals who state extradition is not in Lauri's best interests.

Theresa May pardoned Gary McKinnon in 2012, blocking his extradition to the United States on the grounds of Human Rights. What is so different about the Love vs USA case? As McKinnon said in 2015, "It would be tragic if the ladder used to rescue me from extradition was kicked away from the next person who needs it".

"Lauri is adamant he will not come to the US to be prosecuted. One need only look to the cases of whistleblowers and activists such as Jeremy Hammond, Barrett Brown, Aaron Swartz and Chelsea Manning to know the US legal system is not about justice, but about retribution. Lauri is also concerned about the extensive use of solitary confinement as punishment in the US legal system. The prolonged use of solitary confinement has been ruled torture by every major human rights group, and yet is still used as a routine form of punishment for even the most minor infractions without concern for the mental health of the prisoner. It is clear from recent examples that there is no potential for anything remotely resembling justice to come from an extradition order to the US in a case such as this." --


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