To: Manchester City Council

Ban Dangerous Pesticides in Manchester

Ban Dangerous Pesticides in Manchester

Please ban the spraying of Monsanto's Roundup and other glyphosate herbicides on our streets and parks.

Why is this important?

Glyphosate is judged by neutral scientists and the World Health Organisation as "probably carcinogenic". The use of glyphosates has already been outlawed or restricted in 8 countries. It is not acceptable that ourselves, our children, pets and the wildlife of our community with are being routinely exposed to these chemicals whether we like it or not.
This is a matter of great importance for those of us who care about our community's health and the health of council staff and contractors, our children, our cats, our dogs and all the flora and fauna of this city, of course including our beloved bees.
Other local authorities are already banning glyphosate- Manchster should promote biodiversity and not be behind the curve!

If you don't live in this area, click here to start a campaign for your city:


Reasons for signing

  • My grandchildren live in Manchester and frequent its parks.
  • Stop destroying our environment,our health and well being
  • This article is thre tip of the iceberg, read: type in; Glyphosphate


2017-06-14 01:12:48 +0100

Herbicide spraying around the Anson Estate without any warning to residents (other than notices on the tractor today). However not many children about and as it wasn't too sunny not many people with their dogs getting sprayed!

2017-06-12 00:28:36 +0100

Just like last year, local supermarkets are still selling Glyphosate with NO advice about the need for protective clothing. Also it looks as if Glyphosate is still used in local parks- it looks like they've been spraying in Birchfields S. Manchester.

2017-03-17 22:49:55 +0000

We've had a pause, but spring is here and Glyphosate coming back onto the shelves locally. Let's revivify the campaign and get Manchester City Council to stop looking the other way! Get a friend to sign up as well.

2016-09-13 21:13:07 +0100

Things seem quiet - a round robin letter was delivered to the Town Hall for Cllrs. Nigel Murphy (Exec. for Public Spaces) and Rosa Battle (Acting exec. for Environment whilst Kate Chappell is on maternity leave) nearly a fortnight ago. As yet no response has been received.

It was similar to the one signed by people at Envirolution a couple of months ago was signed by about 20 people in Levenshulme.

2016-08-23 12:32:20 +0100

PAN-UK tell me that they haven't yet formally invited our councillors, but neither have the councillors taken up the informal invitation they've been advised of. S:(

Although subvertising in local supermarkets may have hastened its being taken off the shelf, this may also be due to seasonal changes to "Back to School" stock.

The EU vote doesn't solve the problem (see ) so we need to keep on pushing and will be sending another letter like the "Envirolution Letter" (see below) to Nigel Murphy reminding him of the offer of free advice.

So let's go "Back to School" and get someone else to sign this to keep giving the Council a mandate.

2016-07-18 23:12:00 +0100

Cllrs. Nigel Murphy (MCC Exec for Neighbourhoods), Kate Chappell (MCC Exec for Environment) and John Leech (LD Opposit. member of the Neighbourhoods and Environ. Scrutiny Comm.) have been invited to a free workshop/seminar on alternatives to glyphosate and other toxic pesticides. It's provided by Pesticides Action Network UK in Brighton and should take place 17/18th. Nov. Let's hope they take up the invitation to benefit from PAN-UK's experience and expertise.

2016-07-15 13:32:22 +0100

Cllr. John Leech (the only LD opposition member on MCC) raised the question at a full council meeting on Weds. 13th. No direct ref. made to this petition but indiv. letters seem to be pricking consciences. You can see the question and responses on from about 02:11:25.

We'll be preparing a PR to local print media.

2016-06-06 21:35:51 +0100

We collected over 60 additional signatures on big round-robin letters to the council and a local supermarket that stocks G. on Saturday at Envirolution. Let's keep prodding!

2016-06-01 00:32:58 +0100

This is really taking off! You might like to email your Manch. councillor on the subject so that they are aware of your personal concerns. You could use

For an apparently impressive collection of worrying research reports see those linked on

2016-05-29 12:48:39 +0100

1,000 signatures reached

2016-05-29 10:10:55 +0100

500 signatures reached

2016-05-29 09:15:40 +0100

100 signatures reached

2016-05-29 09:12:33 +0100

50 signatures reached

2016-05-29 09:11:02 +0100

25 signatures reached

2016-05-25 16:12:25 +0100

Bad weather precluded gaining signatures on a protest letter on Sat. so we made a vid. instead.

2016-05-20 12:13:04 +0100

Following below: As I understand it, the current proposal would NOT keep it out of the food-chain, though it might keep it out of our parks! Cllr. Kate Chappell (Exec. for Environment) tells me that the council is looking into effective alternatives having r e verted to using glyphosate a few years ago, previously having dropped it due to concerns. Let's build the campaign and give them a (little) while to change their mind!

2016-05-20 12:11:16 +0100

20 sigs. reached on 20th. May. The EU vote has been postponed (cf. - interesting counter argument however made by a professional at the bottom of the article which has also been made to me by a French agronomiste).

2016-05-11 17:17:18 +0100

10 signatures reached