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To: Tim Parker, Chair of National Trust

Ban Trail Hunting on National Trust Land

Hundreds of Foxes are killed 'accidentally' by hounds engaged in trail hunting, an activity that has allowed fox hunting to continue despite being made illegal in the UK more than a decade ago.

Why is this important?

Trail hunting involves laying a trail of concentrated fox urine for a pack of hounds to follow. They are trained to ONLY follow fox scent when they could so easily be trained to follow the smell of fruit, drugs, biscuits or anything else. So, it should not come as a shock when the pack follows the scent of a real fox and kills it. This is still legal in the UK and goes on throughout the country.

As a result, hundreds of foxes are still chased and killed for pleasure each year in the UK. There is no place in modern society to kill just for pleasure and members of the National Trust are unwittingly supporting this activity. There are incidents where pets are also killed 'by accident' and hunts refuse to trail hunt with dogs muzzled to avoid 'collateral damage'.

The National Trust should be the most respected Guardians of the countryside and represent the views of its members. It should not be an organisation that promotes cruelty and killing for the pleasure of a tiny minority.

We would ask the Board of the National Trust to ban all trail hunting on their land.
NOTE: it is easy to stop inhumane suffering and 'accidental' death: LET'S CLOSE THIS LOOPHOLE.


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