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To: The Attorney General The Rt Hon Jeremy Wright QC

Banking Reform

Banking Reform

The myth that there were just a few bad people in banking was shattered for good with the criminal conviction of; JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Barclays, The Royal Bank of Scotland & UBS with fines exceeding $5 billion.
These major banks, admitted criminal wrong doing which involved senior staff in the rigging of exchange rates. Even complicity by the Bank of England is now on record.
We now need a complete reappraisal of the banking sector & the implementation of a set of Banking Reforms which include; A Financial Transaction Tax, Accounting Transparency, Separating the High Street banks from the Speculators, Criminal Liability enforced & punished by jail time, a Reassessment of Status including Full Disclosure.

Why is this important?

As we suffer the daily rigors of Austerity, The City of London & The Banks are draining our Real Economy with fraud, asset stripping, the privatisation of sovereign assets. Combined with The Corporations accounting fraud & their failure to pay taxes, the UK Economy has been left heavily in debt.
We should not silently put up with this illegal behavior by Criminal Banks.
We need Bank Reform to be undertaken by this government in this year.

Please write to your local high street banks to let them know how you feel.
Also The Bank of England governor Mark Carney,
The Accountants; KPMG, PWC, Deloitte, Ernst & Young(EY)
The Attorney General, The Rt Hon Jeremy Wright QC
Your Local Crime Commissioner
And your local Chief Constable.

You can send them this:

Reasons for signing

  • The banking system should be structured to improve the quality of life for the masses rather than lining the pockets of the already wealthy.
  • also, take away from private banks, the power to create money, only the Bank of England should, weather for loans, or other public purpose (annual quantity consistent with inflation target). Private banks should only have the right to lend money that existed before/was created by B of E. Any one that need to borrow money (not already existing/available) (for a reasonable production /consumption purpose) should have their application fairly heard by the B of E (who should have local branches).
  • Sign this petition. The banks must no longer be allowed to steal from our economy without repercussions


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Iceland has jailed 26 criminal bankers.
UK Bankers are still robbing the UK Economy.
The Tory Attorney General is blocking a police investigation into City of London corporate banking crime.
Please sign the petition to ask him to implement banking reform & convict these criminals.

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