To: The UK government

Believe in a brighter future

Believe in a brighter future

Help reform UK prisoners and to give them appropriate support that's clearly needed

Why is this important?

Please take your time and read this all my own research here all to do with the British legal system how it clearly fails ex prisoners like myself 😯. In Britain there are 82,056 prisoners and a total off 59% off them will re offend in the first 12 months😢. There is a total off 150 active prisons in Britain today😮. The government are complaining about the over crowding off them now 9% off these prisoners are in for petty crime shop lifting breach of the peace ect😔 yet there are supposed to be other ways to deal with this community pay back order and so on but these people are receiving custodial sentences what then leads them to be institutionalised that leads to them again re offending🙇. There are no support networks in place to help people in Britain with this that's where re offending comes in to play. You can get help with offending behaviour from sacro if your under the age off 18 only (5%) but if your over the age off reabilitaition the governments own words you don't get the proper support😒. Now what am getting at is that the only way off bringing down the population in prison is to put positive appropriate sensible measures in place and that's having a support network in place 24 hours a day 7 days a week instead off using all the government funds on idiotic projects🙊 a tried my best to get this to make sense for you guys to see what am getting at here so a hope you get my point🙏


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  • I agree that a more positive approach is needed to reduce re-offending.