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Better cycle storage for Canonbury

Better cycle storage for Canonbury

Provide safe and secure cycle storage to residents in the south of Islington for a cleaner, greener, and healthier borough.

Why is this important?

There are currently no secure cycle storage facilities in Canonbury, despite huge numbers of cyclists in the area. Bikehangars aren't expensive, only take up half a car parking space, and each provides secure, covered storage for six bicycles. For every one car space, 12 cyclists could be provided with storage.

A recent consultation on the placement of additonal bikehangars in Islington led to plans for 18 new bikehangars, but all are in the north of the borough, with a third of them placed across 4 adjoining streets in Upper Holloway. The nearest proposed bikehangar to the Essex Road area is a mile away.

Islington prides itself on being a green borough and supporting cyclists benefits everyone - reducing traffic, noise and pollution and encouraging healthy lifestyles. The Council needs to represent the interests of residents in all areas of the borough, not just the north section. As more people cycle, the borough will become cleaner, greener and healthier. With better cycle storage, everyone benefits!

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