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Better working conditions for the Qatar World Cup workers

Better working conditions for the Qatar World Cup workers

Work hours need to be limited and poor working conditions must be improved for the migrant Qatar world cup workers on construction sites.

Why is this important?

Their upsetting deaths go unheard and their poor working conditions, long hours of labour in the blazing heat without enough breaks, are all justified by the end result of this majestic, glorious stadium. But little do we know that the the stadium is being built on a graveyard of human bodies.

The World Cup workers, who are mostly migrants from neighboring countries desperate for work, are enduring potentially life-threatening heat and humidity resulting in the deaths of hundreds of dedicated workers. The temperatures are of course inevitable, but the lack of statutory breaks imposed on the workers are not.

Their passports have been confiscated and they are refused exit Visa's. So of course they are left unwillingly fixated in this tormenting and grotesque cycle of work and suffering. And this form of modern slavery has been occurring for almost 7 years now.

Currently over 1000 have died from "unexpected causes" that the Qatari government neither explained nor investigated further. So once again the poor families of these workers are left in the darkness with false (and in some cases no) information regarding the death of their beloved family member.

We all share one commonality...
We are all humans.
No life is more superior to another.
Therefore EVERY life is worth saving.

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  • I can't believe it's still going a head after all the misconduct against certain people the country should be stripped and a recount
  • ayee keep up the good work zayn!!!
  • yessssssss faammmmmmm


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