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To: Greg Clark, Minister for Business and Energy

BHS: change the rules governing extraction of wealth from businesses

Change the law to prevent wealth being destructively extracted from companies and businesses and to prevent companies from being used solely to enrich their owners and shareholders.

Why is this important?

Philip Green's behaviour in relation to BHS has yet again highlighted the loopholes and weaknesses in UK law governing the handling of money and finance. Green's behaviour is not untypical and it is clear that there are people who will always seize opportunities to make themselves wealthy with no heed for the consequences to other people and to society at large.

The law needs to be changed to take account of this inevitable human behaviour so as to prevent the damage that arises from it. Removing Green's knighthood may satisfy a need for revenge but it does not even approach solving the problem.

How it will be delivered

If possible, to deliver the petition to Greg Clark in person


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