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To: MP Michael Fallon - Minister for Business and Enterprise

Boycott Israeli illegal settlement produce and business

Boycott Israeli illegal settlement produce and business

Dear Minister, please could you ensure that British companies and those trading on our shores (small and large) , are not involved in business transactions with Israel. Israel is occupying territories of Palestinian's illegally and the product does not benefit Palestine.

This is clearly about boycotting illegal acts and making a stand for ethical trading.

Co op has recently announced that with immediate action they will sieze their contracts with 4 companies. Other business organisations have done the same.

In the short term the government must provide guidelines recommending that retailers clearly label all Israeli settlement produce as deriving from settlements. But in the long run to ensure retailers abstain from doing business with illegal settlement companies. Such labelling and guidelines would enable consumers to make informed choices about their purchases and force retailers to think to twice about their public perception.

This sends a strong signal that Britain upholds fair and ethical trade and that we recognise and endorse the United Nation's stance on the Israel's illegal occupation.

Why is this important?

Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories cause harm and poverty to Palestinians, and are an obstacle to peace in the region. Israeli settlements are illegal under international humanitarian law.

This is important because the Palestinians are currently under violent attack and need resources to rebuild their lives, home and future. They cannot do this if their produce are stolen from them and sold to the Americas and Europe.

According to a study conducted by Dr. Majid Sbeih from Al-Quds University for the Democracy and Workers’ Rights Center in Palestine, 82% of Palestinian workers have the desire and willingness to leave their jobs in the settlements, provided that a suitable alternative is available. However, suitable alternatives will not be found as long as the Palestinian economy is under occupation.

We are calling on companies to withdraw investment in and end trade operations with Israeli settlement businesses.

Reasons for signing

  • There is nothing "balanced" about the Israeli government's treatment of the Palestinian people, so for 38* to say (as they do) that they won't call for a boycott in the interests of balance is sickening. Please, all 38 Degrees supporters who care about the Gaza situation - [email protected] and tell them they should be calling for a consumer boycott immediately. Thanks.
  • The illegal SQUATTERS are even MORE fascist than the nazis.


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