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To: Boris Johnson and Theresa May

Bring Anna Home to her Family

Bring Anna Home to her Family

Anna's family are calling on the British Government to negotiate a ceasefire so that her body can be returned to the UK, and they can say a proper goodbye.

Why is this important?

Anna Campbell was an utterly committed and courageous woman who put her belief in social justice before her own life.

This commitment took her to Syria to fight the Islamic State and Isil, and whilst fighting alongside the female Kurdish Women's Protection Units (YPJ) in northern Syria, she was tragically killed by turkish airstrikes last week on the 15th March.

I come from the same home town as Anna, and have known her family for many years. They are all truly incredible individuals who have worked tirelessly for social and environmental issues and are a credit to our small town.

Now even in their grief they want to continue to raise awareness of the suffering and the cause of the Kurdish people. But they also want their daughter and sister back, so that they can say goodbye properly to the woman they love so much.

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Reasons for signing

  • It's one of those situations where, regardless of your politics, someone lost their life doing something good, and their family should be able to grieve properly.
  • My heart goes out to her family and their loss - what a courageous, extraordinary woman.
  • Anna as a concious woman cared about other people and beleived in humanity. As a brave person decided to go & help Kurdish & Syrian Women, fight ISIL & Turkish Fiascist State which have invaded Northern Syria and killed hundreds of defendless children, elderlies& women. Anna will stay in our memory forever as symbole of Braverary.


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