To: Paul Matthews, Chief Executive of Monmouthshire County Council

Bring Back Bailey Park Swimming Pool #BringItBack

Bring Back Bailey Park Swimming Pool #BringItBack

Bring back a swimming pool to Bailey Park, Abergavenny. We call on Monmouthshire County Council to:

1. Consider the needs of Monmouthshire residents in relation to Bailey Park and its facilities.
2. Fully consult with Monmouthshire residents regarding the prospect of bringing an open air swimming pool back to Bailey Park.

Why is this important?

A new swimming pool in Bailey Park, would not only benefit the people of Abergavenny itself, but also the people of Monmouthshire and even those further afield. It would serve as a strong attraction for visitors to Abergavenny and provide happy memories for our future generations.

Abergavenny, Monmouthshire

Reasons for signing

  • I went there as a child and so did my kids
  • It was an essential part of my youth. I spent whole summers here.... rain or shine.
  • I was brilliant when I was a kid


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