To: Glastonbury Town Council

Bring back the Brocante

Bring back the Brocante

Request that MDC grant a market rights license to the Glastonbury Brocante Fair for July 23rd 2017 in Glastonbury Hight Street. This would restore confidence in the Chamber of Commerce and restore this important event that is a vast benefit to the community.
We want to keep the Brocante in Glastonbury and request that the Town Council act on the behalf of the majority of the retailers of the Town in restoring this fair.

Why is this important?

The greater business community of Glastonbury gains a badly needed increase in revenue due to the Glastonbury Brocante Fair. Local hotels, B&B's, retailers, pubs, cafes, craft makers and artists all benefit from the huge influx of visitors to the fair.
The loss of this fair will have a negative financial effect on the whole Town and the Mendip region beyond. The majority of traders at the fair are from this local community.
Glastonbury Town Council has a responsibility to restore this fair.

How it will be delivered

We will gather all the signatures and emails and deliver them to the Town Council in person.

Mendip District

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Reasons for signing

  • I signed because this fair is essential to the Town.