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To: Mayor of London

Bus service for Finchley Memorial Hospital

Bus service for Finchley Memorial Hospital

Dear Mayor Johnson
Finchley Memorial Hospital is a new community hospital with services geared towards older people and people living with disabilities. However, it is 500m to the nearest bus stop, far too long for many patients to walk.

Please can you work with Transport for London to ensure that at least one bus stops outside the hospital, on the site.

Thank you.

With best wishes

Why is this important?

We have a brand new, gleaming hospital which people cannot reach because it is not on a bus route. Many of the services based there: physiotherapy, falls prevention, community dieticians, are geared towards people who are frail and cannot walk long distances. 500m might not seem a long distance for most people, but on a zimmer frame or crutches it is forever.

Parts of the hospital are empty because local GPs do not want to move to a building which their patients cannot access.

The plans for this building always included a bus stop, but what we need now is a bus which will actually stop outside the hospital door. There is a cross party consensus that this needs to happen urgently.

Please add your voice so the Mayor of London understands how important this is.


London Borough of Barnet, United Kingdom

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