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Extend equal marriage to all areas of the UK now

Extend equal marriage to all areas of the UK now

Put pressure on the Northern Ireland Assembly to pass the legislation that will bring equal treatment to LGBT couples throughout all of the UK.

Why is this important?

Currently same sex marriage is not allowed in Northern Ireland. This is because, despite laws being passed in the UK that grant same-sex marriages, the Northern Irish assembly (because of the now infamous DUP) has blocked any such proposal there.

This means that LGBT UK citizens are being treated as 2nd class citizens in a part of the UK, we need to address this quickly and with certainty, as this is intolerable.

It will also have further reaching consequences as a change in law in Northern Ireland will strengthen our position when campaigning with other countries when they deny their citizens equal LGBT rights.

Northern Ireland

Reasons for signing

  • The clue is in one word - "equal" in every way no matter where you reside in the UK.
  • Because the world is going to end in a hail of nuclear ash soon anyway so what's the point of telling someone there is a limit to how and who they can love and if it dictates the authenticity of the relationship. Truth is no one has an opinion on anyone else's relationship so take your religion go fight Isis and realize they're actually Saudi brainwashed Wahhabis that aren't actually muslim come home and then realize your whole life is a lie regardless of same sex marriage C:
  • No-one - and no political party - has the right to define who or what any other person is or shall be.


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