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To: Rhondda, Cynon, Taf County Borough Council

Campaign to reduce the speed limit on Ynysybwl road to 30mph

Campaign to reduce the speed limit on Ynysybwl road to 30mph

Local people are appealing with the council to Reduce the speed limit on Ynysybwl road to 30mph and place appropriate traffic calming measures

Why is this important?

A recent accident involving a school girl being knocked down and seriously injured has highlighted further local people’s views about the safety of the main road. Several school buses drop off in the area and the area is filled with residential housing and a primary school. The speed limit of 40mph is unacceptable and needs reducing to 30mph. Traffic calming measures need to be introduced.

The Pavilions, Cambrian Park, Tonypandy CF40 2XX

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Reasons for signing

  • The 40mph speed limit is far too dangerous given the blatant disregard for speed limits and red lights by drivers from Ynysybwl! Many times I have crossed at the crossing with my children. Frequently drivers coming from Ynysybwl have driven right through the red light with my children almost being hit and killed. There need to be speed cameras along this road and stricter punishment for the dangerous drivers that have no regard for others!
  • a few days before this girl was hit, me and my dog were nearly hit by a speeding black merc, I had to run out the way with dog, he was coming from the ynysybwl , a speed camera would stop this or speed humps
  • I was the coach driver and seen what happend to that poor girl and it can't happen to another person


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