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Car Tax

Car Tax

Allow people that own cars to change there car tax online to a different car without having to lose payment for a part month every time a car is changed. As it stands if you change your car you lose all payments you have made then your charged for the whole month with your new car. The way it is your being charged twice in any month for tax, this is money making on a grand scale for the government.

Why is this important?

This will allow people on low in come to change there tax on a car without having to purchase more tax than they need to, as it is if you change your car 2 weeks into the month I.E due to right offs you have to pay for 2 weeks of the month on tax for the new car that you have all ready paid for. By allowing people to change there tax to a different car then they will not be charged for tax that was never needed as they did not have that car at that time.

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