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To: Andover Hampshire County Council

Changing Places Andover

Changing Places Andover

Create accessible toilets and changing facilities for adults and children with disabilities within Andover Hampshire, to allow them to be changed/go to the toilet in a dignified manner which is a basic human right.

Why is this important?

Because currently I have a 4 year old daughter with Down syndrome that now exceeds the limit on a baby changing table, therefore leaving me to either put her in danger by using the changing table, changing her on the floor which is a huge infection control risk and undignified OR change her in a pram (which she will soon outgrow) or my car?! I can’t be the only parent in this predicament.

Andover, Hampshire

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Reasons for signing

  • This would help my cousins little girl and so many like her. I don't see why this hasn't been implemented yet.
  • This is so wrong, both the children and their careers deserve dignity!


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