To: Michael Gove, and Sadiq Khan.



Take aim at an 80% reduction in dangerous pollutants by 2020.
Take drastic, immediate action on this public health crisis, both in London and nationally.
Stop allowing the interests of car and fuel industries to win over those of our citizens.

- Almost 10,000 Londoners die every year due to toxic air pollution.
- 40-50,000 UK citizens die every year due to toxic air pollution.
- Toxic, polluted air costs the UK around £54 bn a year.

Why is this important?

Each breath we take causes us harm.
25 people are killed each day as a result of air pollution in London.
A child born a Londoner today could be 23 before they could expect to breathe clean air.
More than 950 UK schools are on or near illegally polluted roads.
Children's lungs are stunted by this exposure resulting in life long health impacts.

Michael Gove recently announced that heavily polluting vehicles will be allowed on our roads until 2040. This is criminal negligence. Our government are spending UK taxes fighting a legal battle on this issue rather than working to save lives. They have been in court 3 time already.

We know clean air is possible and we demand it as a human right.
Because our politicians refuse to take responsibility a group of compassionate citizens #stopkillinglondoners are in prison as of 7th Nov 2017 after a week of radical direct actions. They are currently on hunger strike (9-11-17).

London and UK

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  • Something should be done to cut pollutants London and the uk all together stop it government uk do something


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