To: Newport City Council

Close Cambrian Road and High Street to unauthorised vehicles

Close Cambrian Road and High Street to unauthorised vehicles

This petition calls for Cambrian Road and High Street to be closed to unauthorised vehicles every Friday from 10pm until 5am, every Saturday 10pm until 6am and on any special dates throughout the year where a large number of people might be present on the streets.

Why is this important?

At around 5.30am on the 30th April 2018, a car was driven into a group of people outside a nightclub on Cambrian Road in Newport City Centre

The car was repeatedly driven into a crowd and two women have received life changing injuries due to this.

Newport City Council, (in their wisdom) have decided to impose restrictions on the licensing conditions of one of the clubs on the street. This is not a solution to the problem and is being used for political point scoring.

Cambrian Road (where the incident happened) and High Street both have automatic bollards in place, however the Council have allowed these to fall into disrepair. This petition calls on the Council to repair those bollards and close Cambrian Road & High Street during the periods specified above.

This will ensure the safety of all people on a night out in the City Centre and prevent the possibility of this sort of thing happening again. Isn't it about time that the Council listened to those who use the City at night? This would of course be done in consultation with the businesses on High Street & Cambrian Road.


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Reasons for signing

  • So nobody else doesn't get injured whilst leaving the club after a night out
  • This road needs closing, I do not see any other city having main roads through the town open throughout the night on the weekends, This incident could have been avoided if the road was closed in the first place. It is not the night club owners fault, its Newport City Councils for failing to close this road!


2018-06-10 00:35:36 +0100

The petitin has been handed to newport council vie Jason Jordan who is a Councillor for Bettws ward.

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