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To: Defence Secretary, Gavin Williamson and the UK Government

Defend our Veterans Services

The threat of privatisation has been removed after the MoD decided to keep veterans services in the public sector.

Please withdraw plans to outsource Veterans Services and carry out public consultation on any future plans to privatise any work related to delivery of Military Human Resources or Veterans Services.

Why is this important?

The UK Government is looking to outsource Veterans Services without public consultation taking place.

Notice of tenders were issued in April 2018 which considerably expand the services that will form part of the Future Service Delivery Contract (FSDC). This contract provides provision of Armed Forces Pay, Pensions and Military HR and Administration Services and will be expanded to include:

• Administration of the War Pensions Scheme and Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (including payment and financial accounting with interfaces to other Ministry of Defence and other government department financial systems);

• MoD Medal Office – the administration and issue of medals and awards;

• Provision of Veterans Enabling and Supporting Services; and

• Maintenance and development of existing Information System (IS) and enquiry services in support of the above services.

We are concerned about the impact outsourcing these services will have on the quality of service provision that veterans currently receive. We are also concerned that the MoD is reserving the right to include/add any other work related to delivery of Military Human Resources or Veterans Services during the lifetime of the contract.

The contract is worth up to £800 million and an estimated 400 jobs are being put at risk.


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