To: MLA's of Northern Ireland

Demand an outright Ban on Fracking in Northern Ireland

Demand an outright Ban on Fracking in Northern Ireland

We want an outright ban on all processes associated with unconventional Hydraulic Fracturing, a.k.a. "Fracking". We as citizens or tourists to Northern Ireland want the assurance that it will always be safe to; eat and drink our local food and water, to breathe in the air around us and to live here. To have complete protection from Fracking, we need a complete and enforced ban.

Why is this important?

Fracking causes devastating effects, affecting every sector of public life, from health to agriculture, to tourism and the environment. Places such as the USA, or Australia where Fracking has already happened have seen a complete degradation of normal life; taking a shower brings your whole body out in a painful red rash, you can light your water on fire, you can't sleep for the noise of the machines and worse, the division of communities due to the manipulation of the Fracking companies. The effects of Fracking are truly endless, with long term effects still being uncovered. We want a ban on Fracking because we love our families, our friends and where we live. Many people have become seriously ill when Fracking companies have started drilling near them. There are many stories of heartache, from someone's wife who has cancer to a mother's young son with severe asthma. Under no circumstances is it acceptable to put communities through the ordeal of Fracking for the sole reason of extracting fossil fuel from the ground.
With the effects of the Climate Change becoming worse, this is not the time to invest in Fossil Fuels. If we do not change our habits the repercussions of Climate Change will affect every single person on this earth. We should therefore be investing in renewable energy, not in polluting practises such as Fracking. By signing this petition we make it the duty of our politicians to ensure that Climate change is curbed and Fracking never happens in Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • to help Ireland protect itself from environmental disaster
  • Fracking seems to me to be utter folly when there are so many cleaner greener alternatives to energy production.
  • Stop this dangerous and irresponsible industry once and for all.


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