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To: Mp Patrick McLoughlin - Transport Minister

Disabled Concessionary Card Holders Should Get Free Travel Uk Wide

To allow people with disabled concessionary travel bus passes and disabled rail cards to be allowed to travel free UK wide. Not just in the country where they get their cards or rail cards.

Why is this important?

Why should we pay fares to travel if going out of our area like we can travel in and around Scotland free on buses and certain coach companys but we cant travel free in the rest of the uk. one rule for one and one rule for another. please please abolish how far we can travel. think of people in wheelchairs crutches and other disabled people who cant afford to travel further afield to visit familys or seaside resorts for a holiday, or our wounded ex veterans who served there country


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2015-11-03 11:04:09 +0000

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