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To: Police Scotland Chief Constable, Stephen House

Stop the Scottish police routinely carrying firearms

Stop the Scottish police routinely carrying firearms

The policy of Scottish firearms officers now carrying their weapons on routine patrols is unnecessary and fuels a climate of fear.

We’re calling on you to revert this policy. For safety, firearms should be locked away and only taken out by a firearms officer when it is deemed necessary and authorised by a senior officer.

Why is this important?

If police carry arms routinely, this will fuel fear and criminals might arm themselves more heavily.

Despite this, a number of police officers (around 300) are now routinely carrying sidearms while on patrol in much of Scotland. Armed police officers have been seen in a bakery, in a branch of Aldi and at a routine traffic incident in Glasgow - all incidents where it was unnecessary for the officer to have a firearm by his side.

Until 2009, firearms officers had to keep their weapons in a locked safe and have a senior officer’s authorisation to take them. Firearms officers should revert back to this practice, because it is not necessary that they take their arms on routine patrol.


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