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To: Greg Clark, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Don't fast-track fracking

Don't fast-track fracking

New government proposals are trying to force through fracking despite mass opposition.

Please drop measures to:

● Treat exploratory drilling as permitted development.
● Include fracking in the Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects Regime.

Why is this important?

From The Yorkshire Moors, to Sherwood Forest, to the Fylde Coast, our countryside - and our democracy - is at risk.

The government has announced plans to streamline the planning process for fracking. If this goes ahead, it will be as easy to drill an exploration fracking well as it is to build a conservatory or erect a fence.

These plans are deeply undemocratic - they twist planning laws to give the government and fracking companies the power to override the will of local people - who have fought relentlessly to halt fracking at every turn.

These proposals could see scores of new drilling sites appear over the next couple of years in the English countryside – with the risk of untold environmental, landscape and climate impact.

This is the government taking desperate measures to make fracking happen and it’s up to us to stop the proposals before it’s too late.


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Reasons for signing

  • The way the will of both the people in Lancashire and Lancashire County Council has been disregarded by central government by allowing fracking is a disgrace and has no place in a western democracy.
  • Fracking is a nineteenth century solution to a twenty-first century crisis. Keep dirty fuels in the ground and spend all the money on renewables instead.
  • we don't want fracking the Govt does so when we say we don't want it they silence us.


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