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Electricity Bills Broken promise

Electricity Bills Broken promise

Theresa May promises to 'put a price cap on energy bills' in latest u-turn during conference speech,Plans for a form of energy bill cap for households were included in the Tory manifesto but Ms May passed responsibility on to Ofgem , which was then accused of watering proposals down to cover only the poorest value tariffs. The idea was also left out of the Queen’s Speech in June.
Can we have this Debacle Simplified and rectified before the winter grip takes hold preventing more deaths for the Poorest and most vulnerable of society.

Why is this important?

It is Vital that we don't have another winter of deaths caused by people who cannot affrd to heat themselves or their families plus a lot of old folk cant get by on their pensions alone,its time this promise she made was fulfilled by the Govt and not passing the buck to OFGEM,please sign this petition,its for you and your family's Good.

Reasons for signing

  • I have signed because May promised an energy bill cap as usual she lied to us and the big power companies are getting richer while the likes of us suffer.