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To: The home office and DWP

Extend the "move on period" for refugees in the UK to avoid destitution.

Extend the "move on period" for refugees in the UK to avoid destitution.

This petition calls for the government to allow refugees a move on period of however long it takes for them to recieve mainstream support, and ideally, provide them accommodation and basic necessities until they are able to find employment and residence.

Why is this important?

A baby boy known as EG starved to death because his family weren't given the support they needed by the government.

His mother, an asylum seeker left destitute after not being able to recieve benefits, was rendered unconcious for several days after suffering a rare brain infection; leaving her unable to feed her child. She also died two days after her son. Had EG's family been given the support they needed by the government, this might not have happened.
Unfortunately starvation and destitution is the shocking reality for many refugees in the UK.

Currently, in the UK the "move on period" is 28 days. This means that refugees who have been granted asylum in the UK get 28 days of housing and/or benefits before they are left to fend for themselves regardless of whether or not they have been able to find their own residency and employment. However most of the time it takes much longer than 28 days for refugees to receive documents from the home office that allow them to live and work in the UK. There have even been reports of refugees waiting  months for their papers despite being forced out of their accommodation before recieving them. This is incredibly unfair and results in many refugees becoming destitute; leaving them vulnerable, isolated and often living in extreme poverty.

Please help support this campaign by signing the petition and hopefully we can make a positive change to the lives of the thousands of refugees living in the UK.


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