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First Bus Cuts Scottish Borders

First Bus Cuts Scottish Borders

Reconsider Cutting the cutting the following bus routes
397 - Hawick to Galashiels College service - fully cancelled
61 - Oxton to Galashiels - fully cancelled
67 - St Boswells to Galashiels - fully cancelled
68 - Howdenburn to Galashiels - fully cancelled
73 - Galashiels to Bannerfield - fully cancelled
75 - Hawick town services - fully cancelled
76 - Hawick town services - fully cancelled
77 - Hawick town services - fully cancelled
8 - Melrose to Galashiels - fully cancelled
9 - Melrose to Galashiels - fully cancelled
90A - Peebles town services - fully cancelled

and not make reductions to

X95 - Edinburgh to Hawick/Carlisle - Revised to hourly service between Edinburgh and Galashiels on Monday to Friday, and Saturdays.

Why is this important?

The bus services in the Borders are vital life lines to may people young and old the removal of the town services in Hawick and Peebles will mean that many older residents in these towns will miss out on links with other parts of the town and the wider borders if these services are removed. The removal of the College bus service from Hawick to Galashiels will mean that young people from Hawick may miss out on training courses at Borders College which would help improve there education and life. The other services that are being cut will mean that those places loose there vital link and their elderly resident loose out too.

Scottish Borders

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Reasons for signing

  • The train station would be a 4 mile walk for us to the station & back. The only bus that we can take to the station is the x95 which has been cutback to limited times & often late.
  • The X95 is the only bus service on the Newbattle Road and I want to use public transport rather than drive but an hourly service is far too restrictive.
  • The X95 is our only bus service on Newbattle Road and essential to get into Edinburgh for medical appointments and further travel


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