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To: Elizabeth Truss MP

Fly Infestations in West Dereham

Fly Infestations in West Dereham

The people of West Dereham are asking our MP to take positive action to investigate the continued and prolonged infestation of flies suffered for the last 3 years, way above and beyond what might be considered normal.

Why is this important?

The excessive number of flies present in the village (and surrounding villages) is having a detrimental effect on the lives of residents and their families. A constant threat of disease and bacteria, material internal damage to property and expenditure on sprays, screens, tapes and specialist equipment is making peoples lives a misery. We know that it has been a hot summer, but the sheer volume of flies is due to more than the weather and living in a rural area.

The image at the top of the page was taken in a West Dereham House. The owner is scrubbing every surface clean each day with bleach in desperation to rid the house of flies and their detritus, only for it to return to this state the following day. Another resident described her young daughter in tears as she abandoned her breakfast due to flies crawling all over the table and the bowl she was eating from. Others have said that family and friends refuse to visit because of the flies, whilst some avoid returning home because of the misery that awaits them. Residents have come forward to say they are reduced to tears by being unable to cook a meal cleanly and safely - just simple things that we take for granted.

Anyone that has children will understand what it is like to worry about keeping them safe and healthy and for the residents of West Dereham (and the other villages affected) this is at the forefront of their mind 24 hours a day. Houseflies are known to act as vessels for over 100 pathogens - really nasty bugs and diseases which they spread as they crawl across food and surfaces. When flies feed they first release saliva and digestive juices over food and then sponge up the resulting solution. Enough to give you nightmares particularly when you have a young family.

We are asking our MP to take action on our behalf and to apply pressure to both the Environment Agency and King's Lynn Borough council to take urgent action. If nothing is done, we face being in exactly this situation again in 2019.

Please support us in pressing for action to be taken by signing this petition.

West Dereham

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Reasons for signing

  • Station Rd is flies hunting ground
  • Live in Wereham and never had so many flies even this time of year
  • Flies are everywhere. Constantly having to spray my kitchen.


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