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To: Nicola Sturgeon

Force the UK government into doing more for Refugees

Force the UK government into doing more for Refugees

The refugee crisis is still going on, thousands of human beings are dying every month. Scotland and the rest of the UK need to do more to help these people by any means possible!

Why is this important?

Imagine the nuclear bombs in our country went off, leaving our nation a wasteland and we had to flee to mainland Europe or Africa, should they turn us away because we're refugees? Because we're of another faith or skin colour? Would other nations letting us die be okay? Chances are you said, no, so how is it okay for us to let thousands of people die every day trying to escape war. War that we created. They're trying to escape the IS, they're trying to escape the bombs that France, America and We drop on them. We need to do more. These are human beings and we are letting them die.

Reasons for signing

  • It is inhuman to leave eotjers sufferinhg while we stay cosy in our 50 floor apartments. We have many council houses and we could create more especially 4edugees who have no wherw to go and homeless that reside in our country
  • This image, and the many more say why.
  • Millions of people have been displaced fleeing the current global conflicts and we're still not helping enough as a nation. Scotland should be doing more.


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