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To: Mole Valley District Council

Fossil Fuel Free Mole Valley

Fossil Fuel Free Mole Valley

We, the petitioners request that Mole Valley District Council include the following policy in our local plan : "Companies submitting applications for either conventional or unconventional oil/gas exploration will need to demonstrate how the operations will have no net detrimental impact on Climate Change"

Why is this important?

Oil & gas companies are looking to explore for more fossil fuels within Mole Valley even though Climate Change scientists and most world powers demand that we move away from our dependency on them to renewables. To be looking for more fossil fuels at a time when we have already found over 5 times more fuel than we can potentially use is utter madness and criminal.

Mole Valley District

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2017-05-05 13:01:53 +0100

1,000 signatures reached

2016-11-27 19:35:13 +0000

500 signatures reached

2016-08-28 19:08:43 +0100

Over 350 signatures !
We are intending to get the number to over a thousand by the end of September and then present it to MVDC for review. We hope they will add this policy to our local plan as all District Councils should be doing their best to reduce Climate Change and not leaving it for others or County.

2016-03-21 16:16:02 +0000

we've just reached over 100 in the online petition version and have about 200 on paper after putting up a stall in Dorking High Street on Saturday smile emoticon
Note that UKOG have just announced their excitement at finding lots of oil at Horse Hill near Horley and their disappointment that they are not allowed to frack in the Kimmeridge Clay because it is too close to the surface. That won't stay like that for long as the Government is incredibly keen to exploit these sites with fracking so expect the rules to change again very soon frown emoticon
Please get your family and friends to sign the petition as it is very important that we tell our local MVDC how we feel about drilling for more oil in Mole Valley when we already have 4 to 5 times more fossil fuels available to use than we can safely use without causing irrecoverable climate change.

2016-03-21 14:22:31 +0000

100 signatures reached

2015-10-22 09:33:15 +0100

50 signatures reached

2015-10-14 21:57:38 +0100

25 signatures reached

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