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Fund Longannet Task Force

Fund Longannet Task Force

The communities of Fife, Clackmannan & Falkirk & West of Scotland, call upon the Scottish Government as a matter of urgency, to come forward with the £9 million to fund the Economic Recovery Action Plan prepared by the Longannet Task Force by the local authorities, Scottish Enterprise & Skills Development Scotland to address the impact of the closure of Longannet power station.

Why is this important?

The economic impact on both the employees, and those dependant on the local economy, of the closure of the Longannet Power Plant will be felt far and wide.
Small local business will be badly hit.
There remains no large scale employer in the West Fife area after this closure so regeneration funding is vital to the recovery process.

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  • For fairness


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The Newspapers have picked up on this campaign - buy the Courier on Wednesday 6/4.

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