To: Great Western Railway

Great Western Railway to add later services

Great Western Railway to add later services

Currently, the latest service from Bristol to London leaves around 22.30. This means for anyone visiting Bristol or Bath (next station, train leaving 22.45) for the theatre or a concert can't get the train as inevitably the show finishes later. I would like them to run a later service towards London so that people further away do not need to use cars.

The London train from Bristol serves Bath, Chippenham, Swindon, Didcot and Reading.

Why is this important?

Bath and Bristol attract visitors from a wide catchment area for cultural events and for pubs and restaurants.

Bristol has plans to develop a concert venue next door to the railway station. Thousands of car journeys would be saved by a later train. Thousands of car journeys to existing venues in Bristol and Bath would be saved.

I am disabled. I have to rely on others driving to take me to Bath and Bristol for the theatre and concerts. A later train would give me and many like me independence.

Reasons for signing

  • Doesn't make sense that a popular train line should stop so early! Limiting people. Even if the later tickets costed a bit more, people still would be willing!
  • The current "last train" from bristol is too late for an evening out at the Theatre, so we have to drive there. Also, too expensive for a family.
  • the last train from Bristol to Bath has always been too early for any evening event, it cuts down how often we enjoy a night of Bristol's wider choice of more cosmopolitan events... Taxis are expensive, buses slow and cumbersome, and you can't always impose to stay over with friends


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