To: UK Government and Devolved Governments

Have a Limit on Standing for Workers

Have a Limit on Standing for Workers

Have a legal limit on how long workers have to stand for at work.

Why is this important?

Standing for long periods of time at work can cause many health problems, including pain in many areas of the body (such as the back, legs and hips) as well as varicose veins, problems during pregnancy, heart and circulation issues and more. This does not even begin to cover the issues people with existing health conditions may face. More than eleven million workers in the UK are standing for a prolonged period of time, risking their health and unable to take the weight off of their feet.

Reasons for signing

  • I can say I Suffer from back pain due to all the long hours standing like a robot 50 hours a week for 7.50 a hour before tax in London!,capitalism at its best