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To: Lewisham MPs, Lewisham Mayor, Lewisham Central Councillors and Lewisham Traffic

Support Hither Green Lane - Streetscape Improvements


It's been over 2 years since Lewisham Council closed (June 2015) the "Hither Green Lane Streetscapes Improvement" consultation (link below) which received "phenomenal support" from the local community, residents, schools and businesses.

The improvement scheme was due to be implemented in 2018, however, post enquiries and months of chasing, we have been informed by our councillor (Stella Jeffrey) and Lewisham Traffic (Simon Moss) that the current tentative timetable is now 2021 for implementation, if ever.

In addition, we have been informed the whole scheme “may” be replaced with a different scheme entirely with unknown time frames which, we find very vague and with no firm commitment. This is especially disappointing given the significant effort that was put in by local residents to make this happen.

Lastly, which is the most disappointing, is the fact that it appears one of the reasons for the delay from 2018 to 2021 is because Hither Green Lane has been deprioritised versus other areas of the borough even though their consultations started in i.e. 2016 or later, they will be receiving their improvements sooner.

Consultation Link:

Why is this important?

Hither Green Lane could be a pleasant place to live and work but it continues to be blighted by:
- Excessive speeding (even before and after 20mph speed limit)
- Lack of / dangerous pedestrian crossings
- Ineffective traffic calming
- Heavy traffic / congestion
- Complaints to the Council and to the Police falling on deaf ears
- the Council stating that until someone gets hurt, they won’t do anything to make Hither Green Lane safer

We cannot accept that our community suffers from heavy traffic, irresponsible speeding and not having safe places to cross Hither Green Lane any longer.

The intention is to use this petition to urge / influence our Local MPs, Mayor, Lewisham Council (Councillors) and Lewisham Traffic to commit to the Hither Green Lane Streetscape Improvements by ensuring;

1. They acknowledge the importance of the improvements to the local community, residents, schools and businesses.

2. They deliver / implement the vision outlined in consultation and not some watered down version.

3. The implementation isn’t deprioritised any further and is prioritised appropriately.

Please sign this petition to help make Hither Green Lane a safer, more pedestrian / family friendly place to live, work and shop.

Note: there is no age restriction on who can sign this petition, so please sign for your children also

How it will be delivered

We intend to hand over the results / signatures in time for the upcoming Mayor and Cabinet Meeting mid-September this year during which, the Hither Green Lane Streetscape Improvements will be discussed / reviewed.

London SE13

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2017-10-13 10:40:21 +0100

Heya, I attended the Mayor & Cabinet Meeting on 4th October and visited the respective stretch between George Ln and Thornford Rd with the Council’s Transport Policy & Development Manager. The response letter from Lewisham Council (LC) to our Petition for a safer Hither Green Lane (HGL) can be found here:

In short, LC will have to review all improvement schemes including the one for HGL in light of the new Mayor’s Transport Strategy that targets healthy streets, air quality, traffic reduction, and road safety. As for the reviewed Scheme for HGL, Council suggests to shorten the intervention area to between St Swithun’s Rd and George Ln. For the interim, we have asked for traffic calming measures, like refreshing road-markings. Council was positive.

What do you think? Your constructive feedback and inputs are most welcome!


2017-10-02 00:23:09 +0100

Hello all, quick update: streetscape improvements for Hither Green Lane will be discussed at the upcoming Mayor&Cabinet Meeting on 4th Oct. this week (first agenda item). We have sent a letter to the Mayor of Lewisham (Sir Bullock), the Councillors of Lewisham Central (Jeffrey, Egan and Reid), the MPs for Lewisham Deptford (Foxcroft) and Lewisham East (Alexander) and to Lewisham Council - Traffic (Moss), seeking their support for real-time improvements in Hither Green Lane. We further ask Lewisham Council to immediately implement effective traffic calming measures. 550+ people signed!

Please sign the Petition, if you haven’t already done so. Thank you!

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Best, Stephanie

2017-10-01 20:47:42 +0100

500 signatures reached

2017-09-21 22:42:39 +0100

Dear supporters and friends,

Councillor Stella Jeffrey kindly agreed to present our Petition for a safer and greener Hither Green Lane at yesterday's full Lewisham Council Meeting! Great. It will now be responded to by the relevant departments (LC Traffic). The next M&C Meeting will take place on 4 Oct where the Hither Green Lane Scheme will be discussed.

We are at 461 signatures now (signature lists not counted yet).

Do you think it will be useful to reach out individually to LC Traffic to ask for real-time investments on Hither Green Lane? If so, please support us and send an email to [email protected].

Many thanks!

Stephanie Nsom

2017-09-11 17:04:45 +0100

Dear supporters,

we are at 421 signatures now! In order to boost numbers, we need your help! We have distributed paper signature lists to businesses on/nearby Hither Green Lane (between George Ln and Thornford Rd) for people who are not on Facebook/Social Media. I am aware that I start to sound like a broken record (smiles) but please involve your friends and family members. Have them sign the Petition as well. Everyone counts, including our children.
We are planning to print cards and distribute them to resident’s homes on/nearby HGL. If you can spare an hour to help us distribute them (we all have family and are happily busy), please get in touch through:

The link to the Petition is:

We love Hither Green!


2017-08-05 17:29:55 +0100

100 signatures reached

2017-08-04 21:21:31 +0100

50 signatures reached

2017-08-04 17:53:16 +0100

25 signatures reached

2017-08-04 15:41:55 +0100

10 signatures reached

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