To: Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea and HM Government

House the Grenfell Tower survivors in their home area

Update 21/06/17

We won! Survivors of London's Grenfell Tower fire are to be rehomed in a luxury housing development in the heart of Kensington, the government has said.
Sixty-eight one, two and three-bedroom flats have been acquired at the Kensington Row development.

The Department for Communities and Local Government said extra public money had been found so the flats could be fitted out more quickly, and more builders had been taken on.

House the Grenfell Tower survivors in their home area

Kensington & Chelsea Borough Council must house within the borough and as close as possible to their former home all the survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire.
HM Government must supply the borough with a contingency fund sufficient to enable them to do this.

Why is this important?

1. This tragedy must not be used as the pretext for social cleansing.
2. Those who have suffered the trauma need all the stability possible: children must be able to attend their usual school; community links must be maintained with e.g. religious centres, GP surgeries.

Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

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