To: NHS England and the government.

Endometriosis awareness should be a part of sex education & HRT should be free on the NHS

Endometriosis awareness should be a part of sex education & HRT should be free on the NHS

I want the government to liase with NHS England and make HRT free, as women shouldn't have to suffer because of their hormones.
If children can be taught about the birds and the bees, baby making from a young age then why can't endometriosis awareness be incorporated into this, as it can cause pain, depression,, infertility,. I have this condition and it effects every aspect of my life but I had never heard of it till I was diagnosed at the age of 27. So awareness is key.

Why is this important?

I would like to understand why HRT is not free on the NHS. I would like to know as at the age of 29 year old I have to pay £8.45 a month for HRT as I have endometriosis when the contraceptive pill is free. I do have a prepaid annual prescription card that costs £104.00. But not every woman can afford this.

Endometriosis awareness is very important. I started my period when I was 11. I didn't realise that they weren't 'normal.' If I had been made aware of the condition it may not have taken me so long for me to get diagnosed, as was one of the common side effects of endometriosis is Irregular and painful periods.

How it will be delivered

Social media. I will talk to people about it. As there is no greater power than people's word of mouth.

Reasons for signing

  • Endometriosis is the most painful condition and there is very little understanding in general if you happen to suffer with this
  • I have signed because I think it should be free, not just for me but other women too


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