To: Trafford Council

Improve access to the new Aldi store

Improve access to the new Aldi store

Aldi are closing their Seymour Grove store on Wednesday the 8th of November. They are relocating to a bigger store in White City Retail Park, Chester Road. We would like

To ask Trafford Council and Transport for Greater Manchester to look at public transport to White City
To ask Trafford Council to look at pedestrian access to White City
To send a message to Aldi that there is still a need for smaller local stores

Why is this important?

Many people in the Old Trafford area rely on the Aldi store for their weekly groceries. The relocation has left local people, including those with mobility issues, facing a long walk to the new store. Pedestrian access is only available into White City via the Chester Road side, making this even worse. In addition, there are no bus services available from the main part of the Clifford or Longford wards to Chester Road.

As any local person will tell you, the roads around this area are already heavily congested - even worse when Manchester United are playing at home, or there is a cricket match/concert at Old Trafford cricket ground, and we are concerned that without the proper public transport and pedestrian links, this will only be exacerbated.

We call on Trafford Council to look at the public transport links and pedestrian access to this site. This relocation will have significant effects on the quality of life of Old Trafford residents, and we would like to see Trafford Council address this.

Old Trafford, Stretford

Reasons for signing

  • When match days are on getting stuck in the traffic will be an absolute nightmare..
  • It’s a local shop surrounded by houses.
  • New Aldi "megastore" at Stretford has wider ailse and the same range of goods as the smaller local stores. Ok if you drive but very unfair on the majority of O.T. residents that do not drive!!


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