To: Tracy Carter (Wiltshire Council)

We want our recycling services to be better in Wiltshire (don't close down our recycling centres!)

We want our recycling services to be better in Wiltshire (don't close down our recycling centres!)

Petition to recycle plastics, food waste, increase recycling collections, not close down recycling centres and to stop Wiltshire transporting our recycling to 180 miles round trip to Slough.

Why is this important?

We love recycling and being an environmentally friendly and thoughtful to our environment. We want our recycling services to allow us to be passionate about our green space and protecting them too.

But Wiltshire council do not allow us to recycle plastic other than plastic bottles from our home's.
We know that more plastics can be recycled and that this can be cost effective in providing further energy

Collections are every week, but recycling is collected once every 2 weeks.We want to recycle more and not have full recycling bins stopping us from recycling more.

Wiltshire has two Anaerobic Digesters that are capable of handling contaminated food waste, yet food waste this being transported to Slough.* No food waste is being collected from our home's, despite these Anaerobic Digesters and the high value for money from food waste

And today we found out that although Wiltshire council has a limited number of House Hold Recycling Centres that allow recycling of higher grade plastics, they've announced the recycling centre in Tisbury will be shut on 21July 2017 as " it is no longer cost effective to continue to provide this service when Wiltshire residents are now able to recycle the same items at the kerbside".

Because the people of Wiltshire our so passionate about recycling we manage to achieve over 50% of waste being recycled. But the above is preventing us from being able to increase that number.
Please sign to ask for:
1. recycling of plastics at kerbside
2. weekly recycling collection
3. food waste recycling
4. stop the closure of recycling centres (starting with Tisbury)
5. Wiltshire council to use AD in Westbury not Lakeside near Slough

*Tracy Cater of Wiltshire council "Wiltshire Council delivers 50,000 tonnes of non-recycled waste (which includes some food waste) each year to the Lakeside Energy from Waste Facility near Slough. A further 60,000 tonnes per annum is delivered to the Mechanical Biological Treatment facility in Northacre, Westbury"

How it will be delivered

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Reasons for signing

  • The recycling centre is always overflowing! Either we need better kerbside service taking the amount of recycling we actually need rid of, or the recycling centres need to stay open to get rid of the excess. The council is severely underestimating the recycling produced from today‚Äôs internet shopping.
  • Recycling is a duty every County & Country should feel obliged to carry out. Regardless of how mu they get paid for it!!!!
  • I think only parts of this should go and maybe parts upgraded to larger ones The cans bottles are collected roadside but the clothes bank and paper bank should be increased as always full I think a eco bin would be great (green waste) would be great too provide not too take the service away completely


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Thanks for all your support and ideas about how we should use the recycling facility. Please share with friends and family so we can put this proposal to the council.

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