To: uk governments

Indian flood

Indian flood

All the help you can give, send more boats and helicopters down to India and ask for the Indian government to act and get more resources. Need more men to help the people trapped and more camps for people who lost homes. Please send money to the Indian government. I have no idea how you can help but you must to save a nation.

Why is this important?

People are trapped in their own homes because of the water rising. It has got to point that people can’t even have food to eat, kids have been starving for the whole day, because the waters are to high to get food. Many people have even lost their homes because of the water eroding the foundations away from the walls. Many people are missing because of the flooding and rock slides. The water has reached up to the second level of the house and people are left with inches away from death, left with no hope.

Kerala, India

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