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To: Secretary of State for Education

Irish History Month

To fund an Irish History Month that focuses on the history of Irish immigrants to Britain of the last few centuries who made this country the most industrialised nation in the world through their mass concentration of cheap labour! 2017 has been the 30th anniversary of Black History Month. We want to do the same for an Irish History Month between the middle of April when the 1916 Easter Rising began and the middle of May, shortly after the anniversary of "An Gorta Mor" Famine).

Why is this important?

Other countries had advanced industrialists, inventors and scientists but did not have the labour to match Britain's economy. In addition, the Irish in Britain played a pivotal role in politics in order to ensure social justice and improving our level of equality! The Irish, also, had a prominent role in the British Trade Union movement and it is the very reason to educate society on the role of Migrant Workers and Refugees within Britain, today! It is, also, important to ensure that the British public has a greater understanding of Irish culture and our own neighbouring country, Ireland. Through education, we can achieve a far greater peaceful relationship at grassroots level for both the isles of Britain and Ireland.


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