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To: First Minister For Scotland Alex Salmond David Cameron Prime Minister for the United Kingdom

National Inquiry into Police Clerical Government corruption for Victims Historical CSA Drug Trials

National Inquiry into Police Clerical Government corruption for Victims Historical CSA Drug Trials

Victims of CSA In care and communities which were run and managed by Anglican and Catholic Clergy and State institutions need a National Inquiry. This is the only way people like me can receive justice if there is full disclosure. National Confidence Forums are no good as they allow sex offences to be dealt with behind closed doors.

Please sign this petition for a National Inquiry across the UK.

This is my personal story and demonstrates corruption on all levels in all institutions, please follow the links to view the evidence.

I am demanding justice for my dead sister and me and many others for the abuses we were subjected to as children and adults in the communities and child and adult care here in Scotland England Wales and Northern Ireland. I am also seeking justice and criminal prosecutions against Police Scotland in particular but not uniquely DC Caroline Bonner and DC Andrew Brown and D.I. Kevin Walker and his superiors of Police Scotland in the Aberdeen and Murray area. I have lodged several complaints against Police for lying and interfering with a criminal investigation and perverting the course of Justice. My complaints have been upheld but my requests to have the officers dealt with in open criminal court have not been respected, please see the document in this link, which outlines some of my rights as a victim of crime none of these most basic rights have ever been observed by the courts and police. . I have been attempting to get justice for a long time for serious assaults and sexual abuse all of which has been aided with the misuse of medications forced upon me without my knowledge and consent of my father. This video and following documents will show that officers have covered up Child sex abuse and my abusers here in Scotland and with held and denied all knowledge of the where about of abusers to avoid bringing the full extent of the abuses out into the open and causing a cascade of exposure of the full extent of child sexual exploitation and unethical human drugs trials for over five decades.

Why is this important?

This petition is important because I have been denied a decent normal existence and my sister and many others have had their lives taken from them and many as very young children and babies. Other victims of institutional and clerical child sex abuse and unethical human drug and medical trials will benefit from this petition. There are many victims out there and not just in the UK but Globally.

How it will be delivered

Petitions will be delivered or emailed to MSP's and MP'S DEPENDING UPON MY HEALTH.

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I forgot to include this video link of an interview with Police who admitted their colleagues lied and that they do not deny what I accused them of which among other things was actually interfering with the investigation so here is the video link to you tube.

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