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To: Northamptonshire County Council

Keep All Northamptonshire Libraries in Public Ownership

Keep All Northamptonshire Libraries in Public Ownership

Instead of the three options presented in the councils consultation we would like a fourth option; to keep Northamptonshire's libraries open and in public ownership with paid professional trained staff to continue providing this vital community service .

Why is this important?

Libraries are often one of the last free to use public hubs in towns and villages where services have already been drastically cut. Reducing Northamptonshire's libraries and potentially leaving only 8 would be devastating for this semi rural county. These important buildings don't just house books they provide modern meeting places for many clubs and groups as well as community events, meeting rooms, internet access and a host of other services. To lose the libraries and with them some children's centres and elderly respite provision would be a real tragedy for our thriving communities leaving us without access to vital services.


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