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To: Bristol City Council

Keep Bristol's parks advertising free

16/05/18 - We won

Bristol Council has agreed to roll back plans to put "large scale, high impact" advertising in parks after our public campaign.

Please drop proposals to introduce commercial advertising to Bristol's parks and green spaces.

Why is this important?

Our parks are important spaces for our physical and mental wellbeing; places where we go to play, relax, connect with nature and escape the pressures of modern life.

We feel that introducing commercial advertising would undermine these emotional, psychological and health benefits – especially in areas where children play.

The Council is accepting responses until Monday 29th January 2018. Let's tell them that we want to keep Bristol's parks ad free.

To use the terminology in the Council's consultation, we "Strongly Disagree" with Proposal 2 (introducing ads to parks and green spaces). You can see the full consultation here:

How it will be delivered

We'll hand deliver this petition to Bristol Council's offices on 29th January 2018.


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2018-01-27 17:54:04 +0000

Thanks for signing everyone. We have an Adblock Bristol planning meeting to discuss this petition on Thursday 8th February at 7pm in St Pauls Learning Centre. All welcome.

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