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To: Councillor J G Lester, Leader Herefordshire Council

Keep Herefordshire libraries safe. No to outsourcing

Keep  Herefordshire libraries safe. No to outsourcing

Please don't outsource Hereford Libraries and expose them to a risky future.

Why is this important?

We deeply regret that, despite strong arguments against it, you and your Cabinet colleagues decided on 28th June to press ahead with a tendering exercise to outsource the County’s library service. Given recent national experience, we are convinced that this is misguided.

There is no material evidence that outsourcing libraries in Herefordshire would be cheaper or deliver a better service – we know of no contractor with a successful track record of running a library service in a rural setting comparable to Herefordshire.

The current management and staff of Herefordshire libraries are doing a fine job under strained circumstances.


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Reasons for signing

  • A vital resource for all parts of the community, whatever class or age.
  • Libraries are needed now more than ever, and the best people to run the service are the professionally trained staff accountable to the ratepayers.
  • Apart from all the other excellent arguments I do not believe my taxes should be used to make up someone else's profit. This money should be used for protecting and supporting our public services and common wealth.


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