To: Bournemouth Council

Keep our beach clean

Keep our beach clean

Take action on the state our beaches get left in every year, discourage people from leaving their rubbish. Whether this is a more strict penalty system, much clear signage or allocating more bins or all of the above something must be done as this is a problems that occurs every year without fail. It is not hard to pick up your own rubbish and put it in a bin.

Why is this important?

Other than making our beautiful beach look ugly the majority of the rubbish will end up in the ocean which is terrible for the environment and wildlife. It is also dangerous for beach users, left over bottles can be broken and glass can then be easily stepped on bearing in mind most people aren't wearing shoes.


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Reasons for signing

  • Because the disgusting people who leave the mess should be publicly humiliated with on the spot fines etc, to discourage others from behaving the same way and hopefully prevent people from re-offending.
  • Because I believe Bournemouth council should add more bins, have more people collecting the bins (throughout the day), more people patrolling the beach to ensure people are clearing their waste and being sensible with their BBQs and following rules. Plus, businesses should be held accountable too and do what they can to reduce packaging.
  • More bins need to be made available and there needs to be some way of fining people easily. Do you get people walking the beaches just like parking attendants with car parking? Maybe signs showing images of sea life getting affected by litter? It's a shame people have to be told at all.


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